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Why is it that Car Auction Inc works for so many people, potentially including yourself? That depends on your usage. Here are two scenarios that you easily are apart of.

Scenario 1: Auctions and my new AFFORDABLE BMW
You find yourself in need of wheels to get around. Or maybe you need a business vehicle for your new job or business. Scanning the classifieds and visiting dealerships reveals that the prices for that car, truck or van you need are steeper than what you can afford or want to pay. You’ll end up with a “junker” with the budget you have setup. That’s how it works in the typical used car market.

Instead you utilize a smart alternative! With a Car Auction Inc membership you are able to attendlocal auctions setup by the government, bank or a local organization that is auctioning off seized autos. The auction house’s real interest is liquidation and not profit for the vehicle you need. That’s just what you are looking for!why-it-works

You end up paying much less than what your budget afforded you and getting a very nice set of wheels. Whether it’s a flashy sports car, luxurious vehicle or that truck with the towing capability and nice rims.

Thanks to Car Auction Inc you now own that car at a price so low you felt like it was stealing!

Scenario 2: Auctions and my new Income Source

Let’s start a new business. Like everyone else today you could use some extra money on the side.

To accomplish this you decide to buy vehicles from auctions at liquidation auction prices. These prices are much lower than what the Kelly Blue Book value shows.Selling those vehicles to the general public turns a profit for your bottom line every time! The newspaper classifieds are an excellent tool to use in this new venture.

Using your Car Auction Inc membership you are able to go to local auction supply sources in your area. Your business is now ready to go and you’re ready to pocket some additional income.

Ready to get started? Here are some useful links to starting your membership:


The main car/vehicle search function from our web site is designed to show you a sample of the potential savings you can achieve by joining CarAuctionInc.com. To get the full auction listing data you need to get a membership from us.

You can sign-up for a membership here.


We have Four Membership Types:

– Full Auction Service is a Lifetime Membership.
– Seasonal Auction Service is a Lifetime Membership.
– Limited Auction Service is a Lifetime Membership.
– Full Auction Service 60 Days Access is good for 60 days.


The exact number is constantly fluctuating within our database. It is nearly impossible to give an accurate number of vehicle auctions that are being covered within our database.

The majority of car auctions happen within the United States and therefore we list more in this region of the world than any other place

Each auctioneer and auction house also has a varying schedule on their auction times. Some happen every month, every week or several times a year.

You can sign-up for an auction membership using any type of car search here and you will also have access to the limitless number of auctions available.


It is true that the majority of car auctions are held within the USA. We specialize in covering as many auctions as we can.

However this does not mean that auctions are not being held in other countries. We strive to cover all Western and Asian countries.

Some have also attended car auctions within the USA and brought cars back to their homeland. This is another possible option besides our coverage of auctions within your country.

You can sign-up for an auction membership using any type of car search here and you will also have access to those international car auctions.


Each year we release an auction guide that is designed to help members of our service better understand the auction process. The general how-to questions of an auction that the general public have is answered in this training guide. It is only available to those who have signed up as a member.

The chapters in the training area include the following subjects:

Introduction to Car Auctions
Car Auctions for the Newbie
How to Inspect Cars at a Car Auction
Tactics for Successful Car Auction Buying

How to Sell Cars and Profit
How to Run a Small Auto Business

To get access to this incredible training guide you will need to register hereas a Car Auction Inc member.

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